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Since 1975, Akermak Makine has been a leader in the production of machinery and spare parts with a staff that respects the environment and nature and has adopted principles of productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and continuous development.

In order to be one of the most talented companies of our country in the fields of product and production process, we aim to keep up with technological developments and to continuously improve ourselves. Continuously improving the satisfaction of its employees and customers is one of its main objectives.

In addition to providing professional services on large diameter and long length turning (Ø3.200 mm, length up to 8.000 mm), CNC vertical machining, vertical turning, milling, borving, special apparatus, construction design and manufacturing, as well as automotive, sheet forming, production of presses and auxiliary equipments, spare parts for printing presses, food textile machinery, spare parts for work machines and has been serving for over forty years.

Design and working in the type of project; Akemak Makine, which has been carrying out its activities with SOLIDWORKS software and has been carrying out its applications in its own way, has been providing trust and transparency, impartiality, confidentiality, accessibility, integrity, equality and all the necessary precautions in accordance with the principles of sensitivity and never fails to compromise the quality of all employees and quality.